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This Page is for IPTV Reseller, who wants to make money by selling IPTV Service, we provide more than 16,734 channels & 60,000 VOD in 44 countries.

IPTV Reseller

3 easy Steps to become an IPTV Reseller

Step #1

Request payment through email and proceed with the payment.

IPTV reseller

Step #2

Access your dashboard using the username provided to you via email.

Step #3

Commence your work, knowing that we are available online to assist you whenever needed.

What Will You Receive?

Exciting Panel Features Await You!

Experience Exceptional Quality Pictures, Over 16734 Channels, and Daily Updates of 60000+ VOD Content. Our Server Supports Smart Devices, TVs, Mobiles, and PCs.

Customizable Templates

Tailor your list of groups and countries to suit your preferences. With our custom template feature, you can easily select the specific groups you need, ensuring a personalized viewing experience.

Refund Users:

REffortlessly refund users from your panel and retrieve your credits if a customer no longer requires our services. Please note that a nominal fee will be deducted for this service.

Custom DNS

Enhance your experience by utilizing your own custom DNS domain name. This option allows you to integrate M3U links or API Xtream codes for your customers, providing greater customization (while not mandatory, it is highly recommended).

VPN Compatibility

Our service seamlessly operates both with and without VPN, providing you with flexibility and choice.

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How to Begin Your IPTV Reseller Business?

To embark on your IPTV reseller journey:

Minimum Credit Purchase: Start by acquiring a minimum of 120 credits, which will serve as the foundation for your reselling activities. These credits enable you to allocate resources, activate user accounts, and offer various services to your customers.

M3U Line
Mag Line
Live TV




All Reseller plans are compatible with most applications​

With our Reseller IPTV plans, you can take advantage of its extensive compatibility with various IPTV players. Whether you prefer popular players like VLC, Perfect Player, IPTV Smarters, or any other IPTV player of your choice, our subscription ensures seamless support and optimal performance. Enjoy the flexibility to use your preferred IPTV player and enhance your streaming experience with our feature-rich  to our Reseller plans.

IPTV reseller
IPTV Reseller Pricing

IPTV Reseller Program

Starting IPTV Reseller plans

120 Credits / 299$

1 Month                       1 Credit
3 Months                     3 Credits
6 Months                     6 Credits
1 YEAR                     12 Credits
Minimum QTTY     120 Credits
VPN Compatible
Free Custom DNS
Transfer User
Refund User
Custom Template

Advanced IPTV Reseller plans

600 Credits / 1150$

1 Month                       1 Credit
3 Months                     3 Credits
6 Months                     6 Credits
1 YEAR                     12 Credits
Minimum QTTY     600 Credits
VPN Compatible
Free Custom DNS
Transfer User
Refund User
Custom Template

Best IPTV Reseller plans

240 Credits / 510$

1 Month                       1 Credit
3 Months                     3 Credits
6 Months                     6 Credits
1 YEAR                     12 Credits
Minimum QTTY     240 Credits
VPN Compatible
Free Custom DNS
Transfer User
Refund User
Custom Template
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Frequently asked questions

Can I get a trial before buying a IPTV Reseller panel?

Certainly! Feel free to provide us with your email, and we will promptly send you the necessary information. Please note that if you only wish to check specific groups and countries instead of the full list, kindly specify your preferences in your request.

Can I Purchase a 1-Year User Subscription for my TV?

Absolutely! The price for a 1-year user subscription is 72$, and you can conveniently make the payment through bank transfer. or you can visit Platinum IPTV Home if you are looking for a monthly 

How to Change my Photo from Admin Dashboard?

Where to Seek Assistance? If you encounter any issues, you can seek help through the ticket system on the panel or report any non-functional content through the reports option. Additionally, you can always reach out to via email if you require further assistance.


Can I request Demo panel Before buying a IPTV reseller Plan?

Certainly! We offer a test panel to individuals who demonstrate a genuine interest and commitment to working with us. While we don’t provide test panels to everyone, we are more than happy to evaluate your readiness and willingness to collaborate. Feel free to express your interest, and we will assess your suitability for a test panel accordingly.

Is there an Expiration Date for the Control Panel?

No, there is no expiration date for our control panel. We are pleased to offer it to you completely free of charge for a lifetime. Rest assured that both the panel itself and the credits associated with it will never expire. You can enjoy uninterrupted access and utilize the panel and credits indefinitely.

IPTV Reseller faq